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How we work

It’s our careful appreciation of the architectural style of your home that makes each of our doors so unique. With that in mind, we offer a bespoke [bespoke door design](, as well as the manufacture and installation of the door in and around London.


Get in touch to arrange a free no-obligation phone consultation at the time that is convenient for you. During this call we will discuss your project and provide a quotation. This call typically takes around 20 minutes.  

Our services:

  • Design consultation

  • Survey

  • Bespoke door manufacture

  • Professional installation

  • Custom etched / sandblasted glass

  • Custom stained glass windows or refurbishment

  • Highest quality painting and finishing

1930's front door
Accoya front door

Our timber


We use Accoya® timber for all of our bespoke front doors in order to ensure flawless quality and long-lasting results. 


Accoya® doors are incredibly strong, durable and rot-resistant, having undergone a modification during a process called acetylation. Accoya® doors last three times as long as other hardwoods – even through the harshest of weather conditions.





Accoya timber has excellent environmental credentials. You can find out more about the benefits of Accoya timber on our blog.


All of our products, including hardware are manufactured in the UK to keep transport emissions to a minimum.


Our paints are eco-friendly with low or minimal VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds).

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