The importance of good design


It is important that the architectural period or era of your home influences your choice of front door.


The best choice of door for a Victorian home is a Victorian front door. The best choice for a 1920s home is a 1920s front door. Mix the two up and the results are often not quite right. 


To most people, their home is their largest financial asset. Replacing your battered, warped front door with a beautiful new one, that looks perfect for the house which surrounds it, should make an appreciable difference to the value of your home and is a shrewd investment.

Choose a door from the wrong era and the reverse could be true.

Victorian front door
London front door

How we can help

An innate understanding of proportion is essential to great door design. Whether we are working on a terraced workers’ cottage or a detached country pile, we take the same care to ensure that the proportions are perfect and the finish is of the highest quality. You may know exactly what you want or you may wish to utilise the expertise and design know-how of our team to throw open the possibilities. Either way your new Edwardian front door will be perfectly proportioned and beautifully finished.



The Bespoke Front Door team specialise in the following:


Baroque front doors 1625 - 1714

Early Georgian front doors 1714 - 1765

Late Georgian front door  1765 - 1811
Regency front doors 1811- 1837
Victorian front doors 1837- 1901
Arts and crafts front doors 1860 - 1925
Edwardian front doors 1901 - 1914
Twenties and thirties front doors